Salvador de Jesus


OXFAM – Partisipasaun Joven iha Agrikultura

TOMAK – International Day of Rural Women – Safe Markets in Timor-Leste

Clara – Short film

MDF – African Swine Fever campaign (social media or 60 sec version)

MDF – African Swine Fever campaign (3-5 mins)

US Embassy Dili – Prevene COVID – 19

Working Women’s Centre Timor-Leste – Ita Hotu Iha Direitu Iha Servisu Fatin

UNDP – Youth entrepreneurs (Gildo, Elvi and Ameta)

Music video (Black Jesuz) – O hatene (trailer)

GfD (Governance for Development) – Disability inclusion in public administration campaign.

Zytha – short film (trailer)

European Union – EU EOM Timor-Leste 2017 Redeployment

Unwanted gift – Creative work

Mint – Year 1 project

Lust – Shot in ten project

Riven – Studio 2 project

Unitec web series – Waiting for Kuleshev – Episode 6

Unitec web series – Waiting for Kuleshev – Episode 10

Year 2 short film – ( Camera operator, First assistant camera 1st AC)

My first ever short documentary about a kid who travels with his mom from East Timor to New Zealand for his heart surgery.

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I am a Timorese cinematographer, filmmaker, actor and writer.

I completed my bachelor degree in Film and TV studies (majoring in camera and sound) at Unitec Film School, Auckland, New Zealand on November 30th, 2016. I love working on a variety of genres such as  drama, fantasy, action and documentary.

I have worked on different students film projects doing roles such as cinematographer, camera operator, first assistant camera (1st AC and 2nd AC), gaffer and grip throughout my study at Unitec film school, New Zealand.

After the completion of my study, I signed a contract with Ba Futuru ONG to produce their mini-series “Domin Nakloke”, the series were funded by the Australian government and consisted of 4 episodes and because of this is a continuous series, so there will be more episodes producing soon. The series covered every day’s life issues that related to family, youth, harassment, domestic violence, sexual abuse, early pregnancy and so on. In this film production I had a great chance to work closely with Ian White, an Australian film director and producer, assigned roles as senior production manager, assistant director and co-writer. The series have considered to be one of the successful series which ever produced in Timor with a lot of number of viewers on social media and our public television.

Other than working with Ba Futuru, I also worked as a freelance filmmaker to produce a couple of short videos for the European Unions, the videos were about the European observers who came to Timor-Leste to observe the presidential and legislative election. I likewise worked as a video producer to produce two videos for the Central Bank of Timor Leste and just a couple of months back I produced a short film about school teen which will be launched soon, but the trailer was already on the internet. I also assigned a role as a cinematographer consultant for NHK to shoot a documentary footage in Maubisse, East-Timor. As well as this, I also worked as a cinematographer and photographer consultant for UNDP project for two months. Furthermore, having assigned role as a DP or director of photography, I successfully worked with my other Timorese filmmakers to produce another short film which again will be launched soon. I have a very big interest in working with my other Timorese filmmakers to produce our own films to entertain our own people.

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